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This is just a phase

Or is it? via: Christian Nightmares

Get Ready for Northalsted Market Days

Believe it or not – summer is almost over!  Northalsted Market Days is almost upon us, and to me that marks the beginning of the end of summer. Northalsted Market Days IS the Midwest’s largest street festival with an expected attendance of more than 300,000 people (that’s just a few hundred thousand less than our... Read more »

831 Couples in Cook County Applied for Civil Unions in June

According to a post on the Cook County blog, David Orr reported that 831 couples applied for Civil Unions in Illinois during June – the first month such unions were legal in the state.  Interestingly, 46 of those couples were opposite sex! Personally, I know of 4 couples (5 if you include myself and my... Read more »

Boystown CAPS Meeting set for Wednesday July 6

With all of the recent street activity in Boystown – including a videotaped melee that showed a 25 year old man getting stabbed – it’s time to take back the streets. It seems as though every summer there as in an increase in pedestrian traffic in Boystown and with that comes an influx of issues... Read more »

Boystown beating caught on tape

On Sunday, July 3rd at just a few minutes before midnight, someone videotaped a violent attack of someone in the 3300 N Halsted block.  After just the prior evening a Positive Loitering group walked the streets to take back the streets. Here’s the disturbing video. This is from the Chicago Tribune report: Witnesses told police... Read more »

Positive Loitering in Boystown this Saturday Night

As I’m sure you’re all aware, with the start of summer there has been an increase of crime in the city – specifically in Boystown. Over the past few weeks there have been numerous muggings, attacks and even stabbings in the middle of our community – something needs to give.  To help combat some of... Read more »