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Parade Float Vandalism - A Hate Crime?

Debates are raging all over the internets that the recent vandalism that occurred prior to the Chicago Gay Pride Parade should be treated as a Hate Crime. Prior to Sunday’s 42nd Annual Chicago Gay Pride Parade, vandals slashed the tires on 50+ floats destined for the parade.  Although the floats were secured when the float... Read more »

The Taste of Chicago is in full swing

The Taste of Chicago is in full swing, have you been yet?  Are you planing on going?   Here’s a video that we made back in 2008 – and my opinion still stands. How do you like the taste?

GIVEAWAY: Lifestyle Condoms

To celebrate National HIV Testing Day I’ve got a great giveaway for some lucky readers. To help promote a healthy lifestyle, the lovely folks at Lifestyle Condoms have offered up some prizes for a few lucky readers!  I have a box each of Wyld, Skyn and Thryll condoms for three lucky readers, each box contains... Read more »

Today is National HIV Testing Day

Do you know your HIV Status?  You should!  Why not do it today as it’s National HIV Testing day and the sooner you know, the sooner you’ll know! There are many resources available to you today, and every other day, at the Howard Brown Health Center where you can get free anonymous HIV screening as... Read more »

Tires on Gay Pride Floats Slashed Overnight

According to a Chicago Tribune post, more than 30 Gay Pride parade floats had their tires slit last night. Associated Attractions Enterprises, Inc at 4800 South Halsted reported this morning that more than 30 floats that were being stored for Chicago’s 42nd Annual Gay Pride Parade had two or more tires slit. When employees left... Read more »

New York passes marriage equality

In a 33-29 vote, the New York senate passed the Marriage Equality bill that will allow same-sex marriage. New York will be the sixth state, and the largest, to allow same-sex couples to marry and receive all the benefits allowed for opposite sex couples and is only the second state to do so via legislative... Read more »

Prepare for Chicago's Gay Pride Parade on June 26

This is a reprint of a post from 2009 Are you ready for this year’s Pride Parade?   Last year it was estimated that almost 450,000 people watched the Chicago Gay Pride Parade – more are expected this year!   This year marks the 42nd Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York and the... Read more »

Chicago Cubs release "It Gets Better" video in support of LGBT Youth

With the phenomenon of the “It Gets Better” program which was started by Dan Savage earlier this year, the Chicago Cubs have just released their own video in support of anit-gay bullying. The one-minute long video contains clips from Mike Quade, Bob Dernier, Ryan Demptser, Marlon Byrd, Darwin Barney and co-owner Laura Ricketts who is... Read more »

Get your Gay Card!

Just in time for the biggest gay weekend EVER you can get your official Gay Card. Yes, yes, we’ve all been asked at least once to turn in our Gay Card, but did you really ever have one to turn in?  Well now you can! Just head on over to right now to get your... Read more »

Be sure to check out the Andersonville Farmers Market today

After a successful inaugural year in 2009 the Andersonville Farmer’s Market is back for another year – and boy do they have fun things planned. Every Wednesday, from now until October 19th you can stop in at the Farmer’s Market between 3PM and 8PM and grab something for dinner!  You’ll be able to find everything from... Read more »