FightAIDS@Home with your computer

Put your home computer to work fighting AIDS while you’re at the office.

Distributed computing is nothing new, for years SETI has been using idle computers to search for ET.  Now you can let your computers idle time be used for AIDS Research.

What is Distributed computing (DC)?  Basically, you download a program to your computer and when you’re not using it (like when you’re at the office all day, or at night while you’re sleeping) the program kicks in and starts analyzing data, when it’s done it then sends back to the main system and grabs some more to analyze.

Now, when you’re not using your computer you can assist in the fight against AIDS by downloading FightAIDS@Home, the first biomedical distributed computing project ever launched.  FightAIDS@Home will let you contribute to research in discovering new drugs, building on growing knowledge of the structural biology of AIDS. In addition, this research will help study the mechanisms of multi-drug-resistance that the “super bugs” of HIV use to escape the current anti-AIDS drugs

FightAIDS@Home has been running since 2002 and joined the World Community Grid in 2005 in September 2009 they received its 100,000th CPU!

Put your computer to work when you’re not using it head over to FightAIDS@Home to download the application and get started


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