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OMG Lady Gaga falls onstage

Wow, can you believe it, Lady Gaga fell while performing and then later tripped during the same song.   I wonder if this was an accident or is it part of the whole concert experience.  I’m still upset that Ticketmaster won’t let me see Gaga when she hits our lovely city next year.  But Holy... Read more »

ACLU wins lawsuit to get corrected birth certificates

Photo Credit:lilithvf via Flickr CC Last week the ACLU announced that three of their clients were in possession of new, accurate birth certificates after they were unfairly denied them based on policies of the Illinois Department of Public Health.   Earlier this decade,the Department’s Division of Vital Records started interpreting the Vital Records Act to... Read more »

Today is 'World AIDS Day'

Today is dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic that has plauged the world since the 80’s.  Since 1981 more than 25 million people have died from AIDS and it is estimated that more than 33 million people worldwide are currently living with HIV/AIDS. Today is the day that I spend time thinking about... Read more »

Lady Gaga calls out hip-hop homophobia

Lady Gaga just continues to be a champion of the LGBT community!  In an interview with FUSE they talk about the rabid homophobia in today’s hip-hop scene. Ever the Lady, she won’t call out individual artists because as she says “They know who they are” but says that it needs to stop.  Her best quote... Read more »

Nature versus Nurture

Is homosexuality a choice or are we born that way?  ‘Nature versus Nurture’ is a debate that has been going on for decades – if not longer – and yet there’s still not light at the end of the tunnel.  Do we as homosexuals “choose” to be gay or are we born gay?   National... Read more »

Open Thread: Ready for the Holidaze?

Photo Credit:basykes via Flickr CC Holidaze are upon us, it’s all downhill from here isn’t it?  First it’s Thanksgiving, then Christmas, New Years and then we’ll settle in for winter.  I hope that you have a great Thanksgiving this week and that you remember the meaning of the day. What are your plans for the... Read more »

I'd grab that handle

Over at Photoshop Disasters they post images that have been obviously photoshopped or touched up so badly that someone just needs to point it out. Recently they shared the image below from a Swedish Taxi showing a soccer player doing what he does best….with the handle right in the perfect place to grab. I don’t... Read more »

Dragon Age Origin now teases us with Lesbian Love Scene

First we had the Gay Love scene in Dragon Age Origins and now the Lesbian Love scene in the same game. Check out this gem of girl-on-girl action, as has been pointed out in yesterdays post these are not “hidden” scenes, but instead are scenes that you can generate yourself if you follow the correct... Read more »

Lady Gaga made $167 in five months

A Sweedish site is reporting that Lady Gaga should be receiving a check soon from the new music start-up company Spotify, for about 1150 KRONOS. That’s about the going rate that ticket scalpers are getting for a single back-of-the-theater-seat for her upcoming conert in January. Spotify, a membership based music streaming site available in Europe,... Read more »

'Glamour of Boystown' 2010 calendar now available

Find yours at Beatnix, at the corner of Roscoe & Halsted