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We have a winner for Vaudezilla!

Thank you for everyone who played along and left comments to enter to win tickets to the Vaudezilla Monster Burlesque Academy Show. Using the powers of the Internet, I utilized to generate a random number from the entries, and here’s what came up: Based on the Comments, #6 belongs to Gutteda! Congratulations, you and... Read more »

The Friday Roundup

Photo Credit:benimoto thanks to Flickr CC Thanks so much for hanging around, I’m finally getting things back in order after all of my travel this month.  I promise next week I’ll be back at it full steam and will return with my regular “Have a Fabulous Weekend.” Meanwhile, here is this weeks Friday Roundup of... Read more »

Ticketmaster sucks

Tickets for Lady Gaga’s January concert went on “internet pre-sale” today but because of the wonderful Ticketmaster – I couldn’t get tickets. Have you had similar experiences with Ticketmaster?

BLOW OFF hits Chicago in time for Halloween

Photo Credit:mattindy77 via Flickr CC BLOWOFF, the ultra successful East Coast dance party that originated in DC and NYC has officially spread across the country with another appearance in Chicago.  Richard Morel and Bob Mould will once again make the crowd dance all night long with a set list that will blow your mind.  Check... Read more »

Lady Gaga tickets go on sale today

Lady Gaga has dumped Kanye West and is heading out on a national tour of her own “The Monster Ball” just in time to coincide with the release of her new album “The Fame Monster” I had a chance to see her perform earlier this year when she stopped by the House of Blues and... Read more »

Reeling Film Festival Schedule: Sunday

Oy Vey! My Son is Gay!!Evgeny Afineevsky (USA, 2009, 91 min.) Shirley Hirsch wants what every Jewish mother wants: her son, Nelson, to settle down with a nice, Jewish girl. Over and over, Shirley (My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s Lainie Kazan) invites a new potential wife to Shabbat dinner. Tired of uncomfortable meals, Nelson informs... Read more »

Reeling Film Festival Schedule: Saturday

Beyond the Down Low Being African American and gay has very often been diminished to the overused cliché of “being on the down low.”  But from the rich history of homosexual contributions during the Harlem Renaissance to the modern fear of being outed within close-knit organizations such as the black Greek system, this shorts program... Read more »

Reeling Film Festival Schedule: Friday

Out in the Silence Dean Hamer & Joe Wilson (USA, 2009) The announcement of filmmaker Joe Wilson’s wedding to another man ignites a firestorm of controversy and a quest for change in the small Pennsylvania hometown he left long ago. Drawn back by a plea for help from the mother of a gay teen being... Read more »

Reeling Film Festival Schedule: Thursday

The Female Heart Tender, poignant, and often life changing are the intimate relationships and moments that the women of these short films experience. Whether it’s an affair that extends over the course of years, or a platonic encounter lasting only minutes, these characters share the special bond that can only exist between two women. Lucha... Read more »

Reeling Film Festival Schedule: Wednesday

Lie (Miente)Rafi Mercado (Puerto Rico, 2009, 94 min.)In Spanish, with English subtitles Henry has a humdrum life working in a video store, in direct contrast with his vibrant, chaotic artwork. All in a matter of days, two people–Paula and Diff–come into his life and turn it inside out. Paula, a striking photographer, is running from... Read more »