Why one Chicago public school tries to hold on to youth counseling programs

By Mackenzie Reagor, a Hancock College Prep Student Youth Guidance programs like Becoming a Man (B.A.M), and Working on Womanhood (W.O.W) are set to leave Hancock College Prep next school year if participation in the program does not increase. Youth Guidance programs began in 1999 in response to a trend of violence in high schools.... Read more »

Chicago Public Schools students explore the impact of Trump's DACA decision in new school year

By Kevin Castillo and Karissa Urbina, Hancock College Prep students In the recent months, multiple families all over the country have begun to worry about the possibility of losing a loved one, and it’s not death that they’re worried about. On September 5th, 2017 Donald Trump announced that he’s moving to end DACA and calls... Read more »

Hancock College Prep's boys soccer team earns place in Chicago Public Schools Premier League

Hancock College Prep's boys soccer team earns place in  Chicago Public Schools Premier League
Out of over one hundred high schools with soccer teams in the Chicago Public Schools, Hancock College Prep’s varsity boys soccer team, coached by Mr. Jimenez and Mr. Quicio, made it to the Premier Division this season.  Only eight teams in the city make it to this level.  “Hancock is now considered one of the... Read more »

A Chicago Public Schools student learns meaning of friendship

There I am, sitting in the principal’s office. The place I never thought I’d see myself in. As I sit there, I think to myself that it is just a dream and that my alarm should be ringing any second now, but no, this is really happening. I have to face the fact that I... Read more »

Chicago Public Schools student overcoming effects of poverty

It was a dark, breezy night in the middle of April when I was arriving home.  Beer cans and tequila bottles were shattered all over the front porch. The stench of tequila lingered and I could hear my dad, drunk and screaming. I rushed into the house, knocking over a bunch of beer bottles and... Read more »

McCormick Foundation recognizes Chicago public school for democracy lessons

The Illinois Civic Mission Coalition has recognized John Hancock College Preparatory High School, a neighborhood Chicago public school, as an Illinois Democracy School. Democracy Schools are recognized for providing students with authentic experiences in the rights, responsibilities, and tensions inherent in living in a constitutional democracy. Through these experiences, participating schools strive to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and... Read more »

Teens: what do you do if your drunk friend passes out?

Teenagers have been taking over the hospitals, according to Fox News in an article titled “Underage drinking hits hospitals at New Year.” The latest statistics have shown that there have been nearly 546 visits to the emergency room on an average day due to alcohol poisoning un underage drinking. CBS reports in an article published... Read more »

Chicago Public Schools needs women's studies classes

What if every woman around the world had the ability to obtain an education?  Would anything change?  Would things remain the same?  Last year, I was very fortunate to find out there was going to be a Gender and Women’s Studies class at my Chicago Public School: Hancock High School.  Lisa Ehrlich teaches this class... Read more »

Are Facebook and Twitter detrimental to Chicago Public Schools students?

Any addiction is a problem,” according to Veronica Hernandez, a Southwest side parent. Adults think a lot of teenagers are addicted to social networks. They want teenagers to get off them, but teenagers see it as a part of their life, so teenagers don’t know how to set their limits. Many parents want their children... Read more »

Should teens fit in at Chicago Public Schools?

Teens in Chicago Public Schools want to “fit in” at school, but not everyone is accepted into a clique, so they feel left out. The students and their parents are fighting to change this because teens often begin to feel depressed, and their parents don’t want any tragedies to occur. However, teens that have their... Read more »