Moral Appeal

         When I first heard of the militant group Boko Haram’s horrific kidnapping of nearly 300 girls from Chibok, Nigeria (276 girls from Chibok and more from other villages), I prayed.  I prayed because I felt powerless.  I prayed because I, too, have daughters and, right down to my very core, I felt shaken.  Completely... Read more »

Romaine Root Takes Rush Limbaugh To Task

A dear neighbor-lady of mine by the name of Romaine (yes, like the lettuce) Root asked me to post this letter.  I’ve lived down the street from Romaine for about 20 years and we often talk while she’s sweeping the street outside her house (actually, she mostly complains about the new neighbors and the ‘Kennedy... Read more »

Royko's Still Right (or left...depending on which side you're on)

Mike Royko called a spade a spade when, on October 19, 1973, he wrote: The City Council intends to repeal my favorite old-time ordinance. The aldermen say the ordinance is cruel and inhuman. That may be so.  But they are acting hastily.  At least part of the ordinance should be retained because if it were... Read more »

John Kass and the Art of Hypocrisy

Dear Mr. John Kass, This morning, while at church, with my husband and children, good Christians, all, I received a text from a fellow writer: Didya see Kass took a swipe atcha??? No, I replied, since, as a good Christian, I was at church with my husband and children (I was, however, reading a text... Read more »

The Big Silence

Yesterday, my husband texted: Woman with child in car rammed White House barrier. I responded: She must be post-partum. From preliminary reports, it looks like I might have been right.   Turns out, Miriam Carey, the woman behind the wheel, just might have been suffering from a chemical imbalance that strikes up to 19% of women... Read more »


According to the Vatican, Pope Francis, in his strongest language since condemning cardinals for nurturing a Vatican-centric view, has issued a statement about the newest culinary addition to Chicago’s Kuma’s Corner menu.  ‘The Ghost,” according to owner Michael Caine, is a lamb/beef burger topped with a red wine reduction and a Communion wafer (‘not blessed,... Read more »

Oh, Baby.

Dear Neighbors, I’m going to let you in on a little secret and, after I do, give you a bit of advice. The poem I wrote for your dead sister-in-law’s funeral, you remember the one, was nothing more than an adulterated Dr. Seuss rhyme. Yes.  It’s true.  I plagiarized.  But what did you expect?  I... Read more »

(France + Honey Boo) x NAWA = What's Next?

Last week, the news broke that France, under the direction of Nicolas Sarkozy’s former sports minster Madame Chantal Jouanno, adopted a bill to ban kiddie pageants.  I immediately wondered why our lawmakers don’t have the cajones to pass a similar bill.  If I were an elected official, banning kiddie pageants would be the first thing... Read more »

Afraid To Be Different Since 2014

When asked why parents of children affected by CPS school closings haven’t registered their kids in a new school, Antoine Dobine, a West Pullman Elementary school parent, told WBEZ’s Linda Lutton, “I don’t like the way they were so gung-ho and, ‘Register your child now!  Register your child now!’  Register my child?  You just closed... Read more »

Who's making money? Sadly, it's all the usual suspects.

In case you haven’t heard, public schools don’t make money.  In case you haven’t heard, charter schools make money.  It stands to reason, then, that public schools don’t contribute to political campaigns.  But charter schools do contribute to political campaigns and they contribute very nicely, thank you. So guess who has the ear of Governor... Read more »