Kiddies helping kitties

Kiddies helping kitties

Kids love summer, and what better way to spend some of those sun shining days than helping fluffers at The Society. We have plenty of programs for animal loving children who want to make a difference in the lives of our adorable adoptables! Here are a few:

Reading Buddies: It is no secret that doggies and kitties love people, but it may come as a surprise in how well a soothing voice helps them de-stress. Reading Buddies is a drop-in volunteer opportunity for all ages where kids can choose a book to read to a furry friend who needs a little R & R! 

Kids Who Care: A lot goes in when it comes to taking care of our shelter animals, and Kids Who Care gives kids a look on what goes on behind the scenes. They will be introduced to basic pet care and safety as well as the chance to prepare a meal for some smaller mammals and making a toy for our larger lovebugs! 

DIY Donations: Not all activities require taking a trip to The Society. There are things youngsters can do from their humble abode. Toys are a great way to improve the mood of the shelter animals, and many toys can be crafted from simple items found at home. Who knew materials like toilet paper, corks and old t-shirts could be put to good use! 

For more ways to get involved or detailed information on any of the programs above, visit our website:

Meet Focaccia!

Meet Focaccia

Meet Tempest!

Meet Tempest


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