A Hoppy Easter for All – Adopt Exotic Animals for the Right Reasons

A Hoppy Easter for All – Adopt Exotic Animals for the Right Reasons

As Easter approaches, many people are tempted to bring rabbits and ducks into their households for the occasion.  While bunnies and chicks are extremely cute, it is important to adopt them for the right reasons, and not just for a holiday. According to the Huffington Post, up to 80% of rabbits bought as Easter bunnies end up in a shelter. By not adopting or buying rabbits and ducks around Easter, this number can be greatly reduced.

Rabbits and ducks are a lot of work. Rabbits do best as indoor pets and need a lot of exercise. They also need proper food, chewing materials, and their environment needs to be cleaned very frequently. These animals are not low-maintenance and a rabbit can live more than 10 years.

It is also important to consider the cost of bringing a new pet into the household.   All pets, including rabbits and ducks, need veterinary care which can get expensive. According to the ASPCA, owning a rabbit can cost in excess of $370 in the first year.

A great alternative to bringing a live rabbit or duck into the house for easter is giving your children a cute stuffed animal instead. By being mindful of the risks rabbits and ducks face around Easter time, we can ensure the holiday is happy for all. Hoppy Easter!

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