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New Year's Resolutions for Parents

I am not one to jump on the “new year, new you” bandwagon. I don’t have any new diet and exercise regimes or major life changes planned for the coming year. However, I do think that the start of a new year is a nice time to reflect on what is working in your life... Read more »

2010 Golden Globes Nominees announced -- What would your kid pick for Best Animated Feature Film?

The 2010 Golden Globe Nominees were announced this morning — which probably isn’t all that interesting to your kid except when it comes to the category of Best Animated Feature Film. And the nominees are . . . Any predictions from the little movie-lovers out there? Which of the nominated films did your child like... Read more »

Four family-friendly activities for Thanksgiving weekend

We are about to enjoy a loooong holiday weekend. If you are sticking close to home for Thanksgiving, I bet you are looking for some activities that the big and little turkeys in your family will enjoy. Of course on Thursday, you’ll be stuffing yourself silly with turkey and mashed potatoes. But that leaves Friday,... Read more »

Happy 81st birthday Mickey

Share Mickey Mouse is 81 years-old (young?) today. Can you believe it? He looks amazing, doesn’t he? The character of Mickey Mouse made his debut on November 18, 1928, in a black and white cartoon called “Steamboat Willie.” Disney celebrates this day as his official birthday. Today, Mickey can be seen on the Disney Channel’s... Read more »

Sweet shoes Suri

The internet is all aflutter today over this picture of little Suri Cruise wearing a pair of silver, peep-toe high heels. So yes, this is probably unsafe. And sure, the styles for kids these days make them look more like mini-adults than actual kids. But all of this criticism is beside the point. I want... Read more »