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WONDER! opens its doors in Deerfield

I am more than happy to drive to the suburbs for some things — such as the Chicago Botanic Garden, Morton Arboretum or Dupage Children’s Museum. But I generally don’t drive to the suburbs just to shop — until now. This morning, I had the chance to tour the brand new WONDER! store in Deerfield.... Read more »

Would the 2016 Olympics be good for all Chicago kids?

I back the bid — somewhat reluctantly. I know this is not a popular position. Nearly everyone in Chicago seems to enthusiastically and blindly support the effort to bring the 2016 Olympic games to our city. When I’ve expressed anything less than whole-hearted support for the Olympic bid, I’ve been accused of being a everything... Read more »

Taking your kids to the Taste? Here are a few tips.

Photo via Creative Commons license. I am just going to come right out and say it — I don’t really like the Taste of Chicago. I know, I know. It is a terrible thing for a life-long Chicagoan to say, but it is true. I worked at the Taste of Chicago back when I was... Read more »

Millennium Park Three Ways

School is out for the summer! Time to start making plans to fill the eighty or so days until that school bell rings again. Wondering where to start? In this Mama’s opinion, Millennium Park is the city’s number one summer destination for families. And other than the parking (take the train people, take the train),... Read more »