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The Pesky Peanut: A Fabulous Educational Resource for Food Allergy Families

I’ve written before about the fact that my nearly two-year-old son Colin has food allergies (specifically peanut, tree nut and eggs). Because he is still a little guy, we haven’t done much yet to educate him about his allergies and what he needs to do to keep himself safe (although I am teaching him to... Read more »

Thoughts on peanut allergies, the Cubs and people who are total idiots

In May of 2010, my then 17 month-old son Colin got his hands on some trail mix that his older brother and sister were eating. Within minutes, he was vomiting, coughing, wheezing, and struggling to breath. It seemed pretty clear to us that he was having a severe reaction to the peanuts in the trail... Read more »