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Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins: The Highwood Great Pumpkin Fest takes place October 18-20

You've probably noticed that there are Halloween events taking place every day and night from now through the end of the month. Halloween is a month. Not a day. Many of these Halloween themed events are similar (think pumpkin patches, costumes contests and too much candy). But only one local Halloween event is trying to win another a Guinness World Record. The Highwood Great Pumpkin Fest 2012 (October 18-20), is going to be the biggest and best Halloween Fest the world has ever seen (so they say). Organizers anticipate over 60,000 people heading to Highwood for this 3-day festival. Highwood will be attempting to break a new “lit-pumpkin” record by lighting more than 32,000 jack-o-lanterns in one location; they will surpass the highest number of people simultaneously carving pumpkins (the current record is 965 participants); and they will win the title of “longest line of pumpkin pies” by lining up more than 800 pumpkins. This jam=packed event also features pumpkin bowling, costume contests and a “land regatta” where townspeople race 200-300 pound pumpkins on a 150-yard course (now that is something I'd like to see)...

A Day at Dinges Farm

Last weekend, we headed up to Michigan to find our perfect pumpkins (and pet goats, have a hayride, and play in a corn maze). We spent the morning at Dinges Farm in Three Oaks. Dinges is a perfect spot for a fall day trip. It has all of the necessary pumpkin farm trappings, but without... Read more »