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Wee Windy City Winter Survival Guide: Go Ice Skating at the Farm-in-the-Zoo

Wee Windy City Winter Survival Guide: Go Ice Skating at the Farm-in-the-Zoo
Chicago winters can be really long and miserable (particularly after the holiday hoopla dies down). But there are lots of fun things for families to do during the chilly months ahead. You just need to know what they are. That’s why I’ve created the Wee Windy City Winter Survival Guide. Over the next couple of... Read more »

101 Things to do with your Chicago Kid

  I am reposting this entry from March 1, 2010 because I came across it in my archives and it really is a pretty darn good list if I do say so myself. I’ve got to really focus if I want to get to all of these things before my kids head off to college.... Read more »

Wee Windy City Winter Break Survival Guide

Assuming we get a little bit more snow in the next few days, we are planning to head over to Cricket Hill at Montrose Harbor for some good 'ol sledding. This small hill is perfect for younger kids who are just getting the hang of steering their sleds.
When the holiday hoopla and the new toy excitement die down, your kids will still be on holiday break from school. I’ve learned the hard way that it behooves you to make a plan ahead of time and figure out ways to keep the troops entertained during what can frankly be a long week. Here... Read more »

Five family holiday must-dos in Chicago

Five family holiday must-dos in Chicago
I always come into December full of energy and optimism that the holiday season is going to be a quiet, peaceful time of family togetherness. By the first weekend in December, it always becomes clear to me that this holiday season is going to be a jam-packed, crazy one just like the year before it. This month gets absolutely nuts. Between family commitments and special holiday school activities, I feel like the December days fly by me. That being said, I do make an effort to make sure that we make the time to hit up some of our favorite Chicago holiday spots. These unique experiences are only here for a couple of weeks so you gotta get on it! Here is my list of absolute must-do local holiday highlights for families (you've still got time to catch all of these fun things before Christmas arrives)...

Got Your Skates Ready? Chicago Park District Outdoor Ice Rinks Open November 26th

Got Your Skates Ready?  Chicago Park District Outdoor Ice Rinks Open November 26th
I know that is doesn’t quite seem like ice skating weather  yet. But just wait a couple of weeks. Then, I think that you’ll bein the mood to get your skate on. Chicago Park District’s outdoor ice skating rinks open for the season Saturday, Nov. 26.  Skating season runs through Sunday, Feb. 26 at most... Read more »

Do you want free tickets to see Disney on Ice presents Toy Story 3?

A few days ago, I wrote a post about how excited my kids are to see Disney on Ice presents Toy Story 3 when the show comes to town in a few weeks. I wanted to follow up on that post and let you know how you can score free tickets to bring your family... Read more »

Disney on Ice presents Toy Story 3 (thereby fulfilling some of my daughter's wildest dreams)

My 6 year-old daughter loves a good Disney story. And she really LOVES ice skating. So Disney On Ice presents Toy Story 3 is about as good as it gets for her! Toy Story 3 (one of your kid’s favorite movies of the summer, right?) is hitting the ice in this live production coming to... Read more »

The Holiday Host List: What's on our agenda this year

Things have been really quiet around here. Sorry about that. The truth is that we’ve been so busy enjoying all of the fabulous holiday activities around town that I haven’t had time to blog about any of them. Last year, my husband was out of town for work for much of the holiday season and... Read more »

Ice Skating and Eating Out with the Kiddos: New Posts on CBS Local

The holiday season is quickly approaching — and that means that you probably have a ton of planning to do. Expecting out-of-town relatives? Looking for ways to entertain the kiddos during winter break? Thinking about surprising the kids with some special family outings? I recently wrote a few posts for the new CBS Local site... Read more »

Ready! Set! Register! Time to get signed up for winter activities!

So you’ve barely got everything cleaned up from Thanksgiving and it’s already time to get ready for the next holiday. Between holiday cards, a shopping list that includes everyone from your favorite aunt to your kid’s kindergarten teacher, plus a million different holiday-themed events, December is going to be a busy month for everyone. Phew.... Read more »