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May Your Days Be Sparkly and Bright

Dr. Scholl's has super cute shoes. I know. This was news to me as well. I love these everyday flats. They add a little something to a basic outfit. They are ridiculously comfortable too (as you would expect from Dr. Scholl's). They are available for $65 here:
Around this time of year, girls (big and small) really break out the sparkle. Lots and lots of sparkle. Listen, I like sparkle — but folks often go overboard with this trend. For example, sequin dresses or super glittery shoes are hard to pull off. And the older you are, the harder it gets. I... Read more »

The case for active (big and little) girls

The case for active (big and little) girls
On many, many days, I don my "lululemon uniform."  I've invested in a couple of basic lululemon pieces (a tank, zip-up jacket, cute headband and a pair of basic black yoga pants that I've had for almost five years). Sometimes I wear this outfit to a Dailey Method class. Other times I sleep in it and roll out of bed to drive the kids to school in my "uniform" (they wake up super early -- don't judge). This outfit has seen me through pregnancy and postpartum pudge. The clothes hold their fit and are super comfortable. This is my "uniform" on casual days and I am sticking with it. However, I mostly wear it because I feel like being dressed to exercise makes me more likely to actually exercise. Like most kids, I was active everyday when I was younger -- playing basketball, volleyball and tearing it up in our neighborhood afterschool every day. Like many other busy adults, my work and family responsibilities seem to eat up most of my time and on most days, I am not as active as I'd like to be (Note: I am running around like a crazy person all day long; I'm just not necessarily raising my heart rate and breaking a sweat)...