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Scenes from our Chicago Staycation

Hanging out in our room in the Swissotel.
We live in the city and are lucky to frequent many "downtown" destinations like Navy Pier and the Museum Campus fairly regularly (in fact, this is a large part of why we chose to raise our kids in the city). So why would we need to spend a night in a hotel downtown just a couple of miles from our actual home? This was my cab driver's question to me as we traveled back to our real home in Wicker Park from the Swissotel after a one-night Giles Family Staycation last weekend...

Four Days of Giveaways from Little Beans Cafe: A Little Time for Mama

Listen — I like quality playtime with my kiddos as much as the next mama, but I am not afraid to admit that sometimes I need a little break.And by break, I don’t mean a leisurely nap or anything like that. Sometimes I need a break from my kids so that I can attend to... Read more »

Happy Holidays from my three little superheros (and one big green monster)

Eleanor, Brendan and Colin photographed at “The Big Monster Door” in the West Loop by Chi-Town Kid Photographic Art on November 7, 2010. Pretty cool holiday card, huh? I am guessing that we are the only family featuring a large green monster this year. After the holidays, I’ve got more fun pictures (sans monster) to... Read more »

Packing back-to-school lunches -- Chicago style

Even though the official first day of school is still weeks away for my kids, back-to-school preparations are in full swing at our house. Haircuts? Check. New shoes? Check. Backpacks? Lunch bags? New school supplies? Check. Check. Check. This time of year, I am always trying to organize and simplify because I know how busy... Read more »