About Me


I have always called Chicago home. But now that Chicago is also home to my three children, I have come to see the city from a different perspective -- theirs. When my little ones crane their necks to look up at the Willis Tower (if that what they insist on calling it these days) or when they splash happily in Lake Michigan, I have a renewed appreciation for all of the things that make Chicago so great.

We are doing our best to truly take advantage of all that Chicago has to offer families. We are regulars at the Garfield Park Conservatory. My kids are obsessed with the carousel at the Lincoln Park Zoo. On Wednesday mornings, we usually stop by the Green City Market to stock up on produce before crossing Stockton to say hi to our friends at the Farm In the Zoo. When the snow comes, we grab our sleds and head out to Cricket Hill for a few runs. The Museum of Science and Industry totally blows their little minds on each and every visit. We love story times, parks, and restaurants that offer kids more than mac and cheese and chicken nuggets.

Bottom line: it is pretty awesome to be a kid in Chicago.

When you stop by Wee Windy City, expect to find my take on the best family friendly activities and destinations in and around Chicago. But I am only one (busy, busy) woman. I certainly don't claim to know about every single activity or destination out there. That is where you come in. If your family has a favorite spot or you know of a great event coming to town, let me know so I can check it out.

Email me at weewindycity@gmail.com. If you want to keep up with my new posts and recommendations, follow me on Twitter at @weewindycity. You can also visit me at my personal blog, A Hen and Two Three Chicks to hear more about my urban adventures with my kiddos.

So from one Chicago parent to another, thanks for stopping by. I hope that you and your little ones are having as much fun as we are.

Disclosure Policy: Sometimes I accept free stuff -- like tickets to an event or a complimentary service or product. Other times, I work with companies to help promote their product in exchange for real money. Most of the time, I just write about what I want to write about.Ā  Whenever I have received something for free or am being paid to work with a company, I assure you that I will make that clear in the post. I can also assure you that the words on this blog are mine alone and they always represent my honest opinions -- whether I am being paid $0 or $1 million (hey, it could happen).