Give your unused stuff to someone who needs it: A guest post from Zealous Good

Give your unused stuff to someone who needs it: A guest post from Zealous Good

Stuff management is one area of motherhood where I really struggle. Trust me. You should see my garage. Kids have so much stuff. But at any given time, they are really only using a small percentage of that stuff. So you should give that unused stuff to people who could be using it. Then those other people can enjoy it and you don’t have to deal with it. Makes sense, right? This is basically the whole point of Zealous Good. I invited these fabulously philanthropically-minded folks to guest post on Wee Windy City so they could tell you more about how their organization works. 


As moms, there are one million things you need to worry about: getting the kids up in the morning, getting the kids to school/sitter on time, feeding them, bathing them, putting them to bed, clothing them, the list is endless.  In addition to all of these responsibilities you have to make sure your house is clean and organized. While we can’t help with all the kid tasks, Zealous Good aims to make organizing much less stressful for you.

I am sure as your kids grow you look around your house and you see car seats, strollers, toys, clothes, bicycles and other items that your kids no longer use or need.  But you probably wonder: what do I do with all of this stuff? I don’t want to throw it out because it is in good condition.  Now, there is a solution: Zealous Good! We help connect you with charities that need your items and we have a very simple on-line process.

You log onto and add information about the item you have to donate such as a description; picture and whether you want the item picked up or if you can drop it off. This takes less than 3 minutes. Charities are then notified about the item and, if interested, they can request the donation through the Zealous Good platform. You are notified of requests and can select the charity to which you would like to donate. The donor is then connected to their selected charity and from there they finalize the details of the pickup or drop off.

You can declutter your house and do good at the same time!  You know exactly where your item is going, how it will be used by the charity and it stays locally. Better still, we work with over 300 charities in the Chicago area.

Here is a list of the top 10 items charities are looking for that Moms can donate:

  • Gently used baby clothes or any baby items
  • Children/youth bicycles
  • Toys & board games
  • Car seats & strollers
  • New cribs
  • First aid kits
  • Youth sports equipment
  • Linens & towels
  • Kitchen items
  • Jewelry and clothing accessories

You can visit to donate today!


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