Mom, you can totally rock the lunchbox this school year

Mom, you can totally rock the lunchbox this school year

I hate to talk back-to-school already, but the truth is that most moms I know start their back-to-school prep work in early August. You really have to (or good luck finding school shoes for your kids the last week in August).

Part of my back-to-school prep includes stocking up on school lunch supplies, everything from new lunch boxes (boy do those things get funky) to stockpiling lots of single-serving snacks to throw into said new lunch bags on busy school mornings.

I start out the year with lots of energy when it comes to packing creative lunches — but I quickly lose steam. I know that I am not alone here. Parents suffer from widespread “lunchbox preparation fatigue” and their  kids complain of being bored by the lack of variety in their lunches. Nobody is happy. Wah Wah. 

To tackle the challenges and complaints of adults and children,  the four leading natural and organic companies teamed up to create “Rock the Lunch Box”, a free resource that delivers ideas, tips and coupons for natural and organic products just in time for back to school.  The website includes:


  • 52 lunch ideas for what to pack– from gluten-free to nut-free and vegetarian choices
  • Informative, short video clips by parents that explain how to keep menus creative, packing time short, and involve kids and more
  • Ideas for staying connected to children during the day via notes and lunchbox messages
  • Tips for a healthy lunch when dealing with a picky eater or allergies

Parents can browse lunch recipe ideas and even save a couple of bucks by using coupons from brands like Annie’s, Honest Tea, Organic Valley and Stonyfield.

You can even submit your own ideas and win prizes. This is a picture of one of my school lunch creations — a turkey and cheese roll up with a yogurt tube, milk box, fresh raspberries, Annie’s Bunny Crackers and a little treat for dessert (shh….don’t tell our pediatric dentist).

Visit Rock the Lunch Box and check it out yourself. You should start stockpiling some creative ideas because your kids are going to be saying things like, “BUT I DON’T LIKE SANDWICHES!” before you know it.

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