A Family Outing to a Chicago Fire Game

A Family Outing to a Chicago Fire Game

Last week, we an opportunity to attend another Chicago Fire game. And I am going to to go ahead and reiterate what I said in my post about our Chicago Fire experience last year — this is a great outing for families.

My kids just loved it. And my husband and I agreed that a trip to Toyota Park was a lovely way to spend a summer evening.

My oldest two kids play AYSO soccer we we spent a fair amount of time locating our cleats and shin guards every week in the spring and fall. But professional soccer is kind of new for us.

However, despite our lack of soccer knowledge, we love a Chicago Fire game (and we’re learning more and more about the game along the way). The atmosphere at Toyota Park is super upbeat. The Chicago Fire fans are one devoted group. The section behind the Fire goal literally cheers (complete with a band and a seemingly endless supply of signage) from the moment the game starts until it ends. Their enthusiasm is contagious and we quickly found ourselves joining in and chanting “Fire. Fire. Fire.” You can’t resist. You can sit close enough to the field to that the kids can really see what is going on (and the tickets are really reasonable). The park serves good beer and decent food as another added bonus.

A trip to a Chicago Fire game is truly something that both the little and big people in your life will enjoy (thereby meeting my criteria for a true family outing). Here is the full Chicago Fire schedule if you are thinking about planning an outing for your family (which you absolutely should do).

Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary tickets to this game courtesy of the #QuakerFuelsFire promotional campaign.

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