Beat the Winter Blahs: An afternoon of sledding at Cricket Hill

Beat the Winter Blahs: An afternoon of sledding at Cricket Hill
Sledding at Cricket Hill

I’ve learned that it is better to embrace a Chicago winter rather than fight it. Sure, you could just stay home and be bitter during the (admittedly, often unpleasant) winter months. But if you have little people at your house, you have to brave the temps and get out there and have fun. You’ll be glad you did.

Don your winter gear (yes, it can be daunting to get three kids in their snowsuits, complete with gloves, hats, etc. but you can do it) and take advantage of cold weather activities when you can.

Last weekend, we headed over to Cricket Hill for an hour of sledding with our kiddos. I was inspired to plan this winter excursion by my friends at Stonyfield Yogurt and their  new YoKids sMOOthies. My friends at Stonyfield were kind enough to send me samples of their new kid-friendly, kid-sized smoothies made with real organic fruits and veggies. This super-portable on-the-go snack is a really nice  fresh alternative to your standard bag of Goldfish crackers.

We grabbed our sleds, a deck of “52 Fun Things to do in the Car” cards to pass the time on the drive over ,  a couple of smoothies and our winter gear and headed over to Cricket Hill to take advantage of the snowy weather by getting a few sled runs in.

After an hour of sledding, we hopped back in the car and the kids were of course clamoring for snacks. It was nice to have something healthy and fresh (and very cold, mind you) on hand. Those Stonyfield sMOOthies were gone in a flash.

Happy kids. Fun winter afternoon.

Disclosure: My buddies at Stonyfield Organics provided me with samples of YoKids SMOOTHies and compensation for writing this post. 

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