Get crafty with your coffee

Get crafty with your coffee
Homemade winter coffee cup sleeves

Truth: Craft projects play an important role in surviving a two-week winter break at home with the kiddos (along with plenty of board games, hot cocoa and occasionally changing out of pajamas and venturing outside for an outing).

We came up with a cute craft that the kiddos can create and mom and dad can enjoy — a winter-themed coffee cup sleeve. This will surely come in handy when your work and school schedules return to normal and you have to get out of the house in the early morning hours. Coffee to go! With a super cute winter embellishment to distract you from the bitter cold!

This project is really straightforward. All you need is a cute sock, buttons, a small piece of felt and some glue (preferably a glue gun). And of course a reusable coffee cup full of the good stuff. And you are good to go!

You can check out all of the details in the December issue of Chicago Parent Magazine.Ā 



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