Preparing to do the potty training thing? Meet the Bossy Baby Chronicles

Preparing to do the potty training thing? Meet the Bossy Baby Chronicles
The Bossy Baby Chronicles personalized potty training book and reward chart

This is my niece Olivia. She is one of the lights of my life (along with the many other little people who make my life better because they are a part of it). I adore her. She is about as cute as any two year-old could be. And the girl is getting ready to do the potty training thing.

In preparation for her journey from little kid to big kid, I recently purchased a gift for Olivia to help her (and her mom and dad — who I also adore) make this big life transition a little bit easier.

Meet the Bossy Baby Chronicles, a new line of customized books and reward charts that help kids see themselves as the star of the story. I chose a personalized potty training book plus a personalized rewards chart to give Miss Olivia some incentive to do her big girl thing when the timing is right.

Trying to model good behaviors at home for your toddler? Hoping to get your little one in the mood to start the potty training journey? Preparing to send your child off to preschool for the first time? There is a Bossy Baby Chronicle book for you. Each book can be customized for boys and girls and your child’s name. And I especially love the personalized rewards charts that accompany the books and give your kiddo the chance to show off their newly mastered skill (whether it be putting poop in its proper place, kicking that biting habit or just getting through preschool drop-off without having a total meltdown).

Bossy Baby Chronicles creator Alexis Stein Tande knows a thing or two about bossy babies — and how to make them happy!  As mom to Oliver and Scarlett (two beautiful but bossy babes), Tande began making her own children personalized books and reward charts to gently mold and encourage appropriate behaviors. “These products are a fun and effective way of modifying or modeling behaviors for your little ones,” Tande says. “Use them as conversation starters with your child about why he is ready to use the potty or go to preschool to help prepare for these changes. The fact that your child sees him or herself as the star of the story makes all the difference.”

Sounds like something a little person in your life would enjoy? The Bossy Baby Chronicles are available exclusively online at Use the code: WEEWINDYCITY10 to get 10% off your order.

Disclosure: Bossy Baby Chronicles is a client of 2 Moms Media LLC.

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