Guest Post: How Zealous Good is changing how we donate stuff (get ready to be inspired to clean out your garage)

Guest Post: How Zealous Good is changing how we donate stuff (get ready to be inspired to clean out your garage)

Basement and garage packed with stuff that you don’t need (but also don’t know what to do with)? Hey, me too! So glad that we can all share like this. I won’t judge your garage if you don’t judge mine.


Anyway . . . . meet Zealous Good! Today, I am sharing a guest post on how this Chicago-based organization is rethinking that way that we donate our stuff. Read on fellow pack rats.

——How many of you have a garage full of your kid’s sports equipment they’re never going to use? How about children’s games or books? Maybe you’ve recently moved and have tons of stuff you no longer use. If you need to get rid of your excess items but don’t know any charities or which one could use your donation the most, you should know about Zealous Good.

Zealous Good provides you with an easy donation solution that also supports local Chicago charities. The startup serves a little over 130 Chicago charities, so whatever your donation is, you know it will end up in the hands of someone who needs it.

Zealous Good makes the donation process meaningful and easy. All you have to do is go to and type what you have to donate. Shortly after, you will be notified of all the nonprofits that can use your item–they even explain how they’ll use your item. Then, you can pick which one you want to donate to and feel good knowing exactly how your stuff is helping!

On the nonprofit side of things, receiving donations is just as easy. Nonprofits create a profile on, and then pick which categories they want to be notified of. Once a donation comes in that matches one of their selected categories, they request it and if chosen, receive a wonderful donation that will help them do their job better. And even better, nonprofits can receive unlimited donations through Zealous Good!

The average American household has about $7,000 in unused items. That’s a lot of excess goods that could be helping!

If you have excess items to donate, why not know exactly where your stuff is going to and how it will be used by donating through Zealous Good? Help yourself. Help your community. Think of this connection: You donate your excess goods through Zealous Good. Your goods go to a local charity that needs them. Because of the goods you donated, that local charity is able to help the people that need it most in the community. So, by donating one item, you’re making a big difference.

Visit to learn more and see how you too can clean out your basement and garage (and help some deserving folks in the process).


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