Apples up on top (once you start, you cannot stop)

Apples up on top (once you start, you cannot stop)

You’ve likely heard that the apple crop in the Midwest is a mess this year right? That means that the annual family trip to a Michigan apple orchard may not happen this year (from what I gather, most orchards don’t have many apples left for picking at this point).

Inspired by our love for all things apple, we made a bushel (not really) of yarn apples this year for our September craft story in Chicago Parent Magazine.

These little buggers came out really well. The kids like making them. I enjoyed the seasonal tie in. Good fun for all of us. I thought I would pass along the link in case you wanted to take a peek.

Relatedly, pick up some extra apple cider at the farmer’s market and put it in your freezer to have for the rest of fall. My farmer’s market sources tell me that stuff is in short supply this season as well.

Okay. Happy crafting.

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