Chicago Fire brings the fun

Chicago Fire brings the fun

We’ve really expanded on our local sports experience in the past year — checking out the Chicago Wolves and Chicago Sky amongst others. But we’d never been to a Chicago Fire game — until last weekend. Boy, were we missing out. I highly recommend a family outing to a Fire game to any Chicago-area family. My kids reported that it was the most fun they had in months (which is a total indictment of the massive birthday parties we just threw for them and basically every other activity I’ve planned recently, but whatever).

My oldest two kids play AYSO soccer we we spent a fair amount of time locating our cleats and shin guards every week in the spring and fall. But I have to confess that I’ve seen very little professional soccer on tv in my life (save for maybe one or two World Cup Games). And while I am making confessions, I am also going to go ahead and admit that I am pretty foggy about the rules of the game.

However, despite our lack of soccer knowledge, we headed down to Toyota Park last Saturday night to check it out. The atmosphere at Toyota Park (another first for me) is remarkable. The Chicago Fire fans are one devoted group. The section behind the Fire goal literally cheers (complete with a band and a seemingly endless supply of signage) from the moment the game starts until it ends. Their enthusiasm is contagious and we quickly found ourselves joining in and chanting “Fire. Fire. Fire.” You can’t resist.

We were lucky enough to be invited to check out the game from the Quaker box (which was awesome– especially because it rained for much of the first half of the game). We enjoyed yummy eats courtesy of Quaker and hung out with some other local bloggers and their families.

And the Fire beat Sporting Kansas City 2-1 so that was pretty exciting too.

On the drive home, we decided that we would definitely be back for another game this summer. Here is the full Chicago Fire schedule if you are thinking about planning an outing for your family.

Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary tickets to this game and compensated for my participation in the #QuakerFuelsFire promotional campaign.Ā 


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  • Fire games are GREAT! We've been going to Toyota Park since it opened. My son went to his first game at 3 months and I think my daughter was 8 or 9 months. They love Sparky and chant along with Section 8. I'm glad you finally got out to one and hope you make it out to more!

  • In reply to chivet:

    Go Fire! We are totally going to go back again this summer. I am totally fascinated by Section 8.

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