William and the Christmas Moon: A Review

William and the Christmas Moon: A Review

I never repost here on Wee Windy City — mostly out of laziness and the desire to not look back. But I dug out our collection of Christmas books over the weekend and I was reminded how totally spectacular one of them is. I really wanted to mention this book to you because I know your kids will love it (like mine do). So forgive the rehash from holidays past. And please read on.


I want to tell you about a beautiful Christmas book written and illustrated by a local Chicago author. It is more art than book really.

Trust me when I tell you that you have never seen a book like this before. If you want to wow your kids on Christmas Eve, read on.

Written and illustrated by Chicago-area mother of two Laura Robinson, William and the Christmas Moon ($25) is a shadow-casting bedtime story. This book transforms your child’s bedroom into a magical shadow theater. A special flashlight illuminates the text for the reader, while projecting large shadows of the intricate laser-cut illustrations onto the wall (see the photo to get a better idea of how this works).

In this story, young William stays up late to watch for Santa Claus. While staring into the landscape, he takes a visual journey through the moonlit surrounds where he and his grandfather spend their days exploring. He then falls asleep, dreaming of a flight in his own grandfather’s sleigh.

William’s description of the time spent together with his grandfather, his newfound appreciation of the moonlight, and their time spent in the stark winter landscapes becomes his grandfather’s most treasured Christmas gift.

This book conveys the very important message that the holiday season is really not about stuff or Santa — and my kids are wild about it.

William and the Christmas Moon is available at Amazon.com.

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