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Michael's Museum: Magic in the Making

My seven year-old daughter Ellie likes to collect really random stuff. Sometimes when I am tidying up her room, I’ll come across the stray top from a tube of chapstick or a trinket she got from a birthday party goodie bag. When she is not around, I sometimes throw these items away because it all... Read more »

Giants of the Deep: The new Whale Exhibit Opens at the Field Museum

Even little kids know that whales are really, really big. But it is hard to truly comprehend just how big the giants of the deep really are — which is why the Field Museum’s new whale exhibit will thrill kids and adults alike. Before you even enter the exhibit, be sure to look up at... Read more »

Families in the Loop: A New Resource for Families Like Yours

In the (short) seven years that I have been a parent, the local resources available to help moms and dads navigate the world of diaper duty, bedtime stories, and preschool applications have significantly improved. I have a few sites that are my standard “go to spots” for local parenting information (you know, like Chicago Parent... Read more »

Mom's Night Out at The Denim Lounge: A Recap

Last week, Sara Fisher and I hosted a Mom’s Night Out in honor of the Grand Re-Opening of The Denim Lounge in Roscoe Village.  We had an absolute ball!  Head 2 Toe Mobile Spa offered our guests complimentary manicures. Sylvia Friedman performed handwriting analysis. The fabulous Meredith Sinclair of Hoo Dee Hoo fame gave us... Read more »

Introduce your baby to Dot & Ziggy

When I was invited to experience “theatre for babies and toddlers,” I was skeptical. Seriously skeptical. We’ve had several bad experiences with children’s theater in the past (think crying, begging to leave, running out of the theater). So it was hard for me to believe that theater for babies and toddlers could possibly be a... Read more »

Cool Parent Product Alert: Customize your iphone case with photos of your kids

Every parent wants to show off photos of their cute kiddos — but carrying around pictures in your wallet is so  . . .1998. Want to show off your adorable little ones in a way that is sure to get everyone’s attention? Feature them on your customized iphone case. Get Uncommon offers customizable iphone and... Read more »

Calling all Preggos: The Best of Bump Club and Beyond is this weekend!

Have you ever wondered which baby gear you really need to buy and what you can skip? Do you have questions about how to create healthy sleep habits in your new babe? Are you worried about finding the right childcare situation for your little one? Could you use some fashion advice on your maternity style?... Read more »

Preeclampsia Awareness Month: One Chicago Mama Tells Her Story

Please welcome Wee Windy City’s newest guest blogger, Kate Schott Bolduc. Kate is a writer, mom and mom-to-be to a second child due in August. On her blog, Big City Belly, she provides news, resources and personal stories from the trenches of motherhood for expecting and new moms in Chicago. In an effort to raise awareness about... Read more »

Road Trippin' in the Chevy Traverse

Isn’t she a beauty? From time to time, we pack up the ol’ family car for the 7-8 hour drive to visit my in-laws in Pittsburgh. With five passengers and a ridiculous amount of stuff, we’ve concluded that sometimes it is just easier to pack everything and everyone into the car the road trip it... Read more »

Q&A with HipMum

Have you heard about HipMum? Even if you haven’t, don’t you love the idea? A site devoted to helping moms hold on to a bit of their “hip” while they are mired in the day-to-day chaos of raising kiddos? Aspirational, maybe. But in a good way, I think. I recently had a chance to learn... Read more »