Snack Attack: What's in your bag?

Little kids seem to constantly need snacks, don’t they? My kids are conditioned to ask for something to nibble on as soon as I get everyone buckled in their seats and pull out of the garage.

I need easy, convenient snacks — because getting all of us out the door is tough enough these days. I don’t have time to prepare individual portions or do too much prep work. But I also don’t want to constantly feed my kids “filler” snacks (I’m not going to name names, but I think you know what I mean).

I rely on a repertoire of portable, healthy snacks that I like to offer my kids when we are on the go. I throw these snacks in my bag to keep my kids fueled up — without filling them up on empty carbs. Easy.

Check out some of my faves below — and please feel free to weigh in with your snack recommendations because I can always use new ideas.

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  • I think you forgot an awesome, awesome option! Freeze-dried Fruit! I love the stuff and so do my kids. In fact, I have to limit the amount they eat, because they still need to eat their dinner. Anyway, I love the Mandarin Orange (very sour), my wife loves the Peach, and the kids both love the Fuji Apple or the Apple-Cinnamon. All of these are 100% fruit and nothing else, a snack you can feel good about. Check it out:

  • In reply to ConcernedCitizen2:

    Yes, a very good recommendation! The Yoga Chips that I mentioned are dehydrated and the All Brother's products are freeze dried. My only issue with the freeze dried fruit is the strawberries because they inevitably turn into a huge mess of red dust.

  • In reply to caitlingiles:

    Well, I purchase the Brothers Strawberry-Banana from time to time (very good mixed into pancake batter), and I have not noticed the red dust you speak of (other than a little bit of fruit dust in the bottom of the bag, which I discard).

  • I love making mini-muffins and having them as a portable snack for the kids.

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