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My Niece Olivia (and Wee Windy City) in Time Out Chicago Kids

Is that not the cutest Chicago baby tush you’ve ever seen? And check out those thighs! This is my adorable 11 month-old niece Olivia (the daughter of my beautiful sister Megan). She is featured in the newest issue of Time Out Chicago Kids. And so am I! Time Out Chicago Kids recommends Wee Windy City... Read more »

Don't Miss NPN's 3rd Annual Wake Up and Boogie Down Family Festival

At our house, we’ve found that winter weekend mornings can be . . .. well, kind of boring. Most Saturday and Sundays, we like to lounge around and spend a leisurely morning at home. But sometimes, things don’t turn out like we’ve planned. Usually, the kids just end up feeling stir crazy and we end... Read more »

An opportunity from Edenhurst Studio (plus some cute pictures of my kiddos)

Back in November, Dana and Spencer Rogers of Edenhurst Studio (formerly Chi-Town Kid Photographic Arts) took some really amazing photos of my family. I’ve already shown you the fantastic holiday card they created for me, but I wanted share some additional images from the shoot. I also wanted to tell about the special that they... Read more »

The K. Grace Experience: Flexible, Convenient Babysitting in Chicago -- Part Four

This is the final post in a month-long series about K. Grace Childcare. If you need to catch up, check out entries One, Two and Three.Sara and I hope that we have given you a good feel for the client experience at K. Grace Childcare, but we recognize that a few questions may remain. Based... Read more »

Ella Jenkins: The First Lady of Children's Music (and a hometown girl)

When I was growing up, my parents took me to see local childrens’ musician Ella Jenkins in concert. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to take my own kids to see this cultural icon perform as well. It’s pretty amazing for a performer to entertain generations of families — but Ella Jenkins isn’t just... Read more »

The K. Grace Experience: Flexible, Convenient Babysitting in Chicago -- Part Three

This post is the third installment in a series about the K. Grace Childcare experience. Need to catch up? Read Part One here and Part Two over on Self-Made Mom. I’ve had good babysitters. I’ve had terrible babysitters. And I’ve had babysitters that were . . . you know . . . just fine. In... Read more »

Brunch with the Bump Club (plus my tips on the best family freebies in Chicago)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending my morning with some expectant and new mamas at the monthly Bump Club and Beyond Brunch at Vinci. I was part of a panel of Chicago mommy bloggers including Cindy McCarthy of On the Go Chicago, Linda Marsicano of Babble Chicago and my buddy and business partner Sara... Read more »

Family-Friendly Fondue

If there were ever a time to try fondue — this is it. The weather is miserable. We are basically snowed in — except for absolutely essential outings. Bring on the melted cheese and chocolate, I say! Fondue can be a fun and novel family activity. Plus, it is yummy. Really yummy. Interested? Have a... Read more »

Family Programming at the Smart Museum of Art

You might think that you know all about the very best family programming in the city — but I bet you that you don’t know about the family offerings at the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago. This hidden gem (seriously, very hidden) offers free family programs featuring hands-on art activities and... Read more »

Snack Attack: What's in your bag?

Little kids seem to constantly need snacks, don’t they? My kids are conditioned to ask for something to nibble on as soon as I get everyone buckled in their seats and pull out of the garage. I need easy, convenient snacks — because getting all of us out the door is tough enough these days.... Read more »