One Seed Chicago 2011: Who Will Get Your Vote?

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If you haven’t participated in One Seed Chicago in the past, 2011 should be the year that you give it a try. This is a fun (and free!) way to include your kids in some simple, at-home gardening. And who knows, maybe they’ll even be willing to eat the veggies that they helped grow (fingers crossed on that one).

One Seed Chicago is an organization that provides free seeds to all Chicagoans who are interested in participating in this community gardening project. Participants place their vote for one of three choices online. When the winner is announced in April, everyone who signed up can expect a seed packet in the mail. Gardeners can visit the website for tips, recipes, and more throughout the summer.

The three candidates this year are radish, eggplant and Swiss chard.
After some intense debate at our house, we’ve decided to cast our vote for Swiss chard because we think we’d get the most use of out of it (plus, we’ve successfully grown it in our little backyard garden in the past).


This year, One Seed Chicago plans to partner with Chicago chefs, foodies and
garden bloggers and provide participants with recipe ideas for each
of the candidates. You can even join in the fun by sending in your own recipes via email.

Voting closes on April
1, 2011, but go ahead and cast your vote now so you don’t forget about it.

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