The Holiday Host List: What's on our agenda this year

Things have been really quiet around here. Sorry about that.

The truth is that we’ve been so busy enjoying all of the fabulous holiday activities around town that I haven’t had time to blog about any of them.

Last year, my husband was out of town for work for much of the holiday season and we missed out on some of our favorite holiday activities (they just wouldn’t have been the same without Daddy). So this year, we are making up for it by doing twice as much stuff as we normally do.

It’s been really fun. And busy. So blogging has fallen by the wayside. Happens sometimes.

I thought I would share our family’s holiday agenda. I am not saying that these are the very best holiday events out there. These are just the ones on our list. Think that I am missing some must-do’s? Tell me about them in the comments.

What We’ve Done So Far:

What We’re Planning To Do in the Coming Weeks:

An ambitious agenda, yes. But I think we can do it. So what’s on your holiday hot list?

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