The Pesky Peanut: A Fabulous Educational Resource for Food Allergy Families

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I’ve written before about the fact that my nearly two-year-old son Colin has food allergies (specifically peanut, tree nut and eggs). Because he is still a little guy, we haven’t done much yet to educate him about his allergies and what he needs to do to keep himself safe (although I am teaching him to say, “No nuts for me please.”). For now, my husband and I keep him safe.

As Colin gets older and starts to spend time away from us in school settings or at other people’s homes, the fact is that we need to educate him (and those around him) about his food allergies in order to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

In my efforts to teach Colin about his food allergies, I am going to be using a very helpful book called The Pesky Peanut. Katie Corl, the mother of a child with peanut allergies, wrote this story to help families like mine. I am so glad she did.

book relates the story of her son Kelly and his peanut allergy — but
the message is applicable to any kind of food allergy. The book is a
great tool for teaching food allergy kids — and any kid really — about
what it means to be allergic to a certain food.

Corl focuses on awareness and prevention — while successfully making
this somewhat scary topic easy for kids to understand. If your family
deals with food allergies, I highly recommend it. 

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