Ready! Set! Register! Time to get signed up for winter activities!


So you’ve barely got everything cleaned up from Thanksgiving and it’s already time to get ready for the next holiday.

Between holiday cards, a shopping list that includes everyone from your favorite aunt to your kid’s kindergarten teacher, plus a million different holiday-themed events, December is going to be a busy month for everyone.


In the midst of all of the holiday craziness, it is also time to sign up for winter classes and activities. You don’t want to blow this one (because it is about to get really, really cold around these parts and you are going to want to keep the kiddos busy!).

Here are some of the upcoming sign-up deadlines on my to-do list:

  • Chicago Park District online registration for winter programs begins at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, November 29th. If you are interested in one of the more sought-after programs, you need to have your wish list all set and ready to go at that time (I’ve detailed how to do that here). This time around, I am interested in the learn-to-skate programming at McFetridge Sports Center, which only allows for walk-in registration (so that’s how I’ll be spending my morning on Saturday, December 4th). Anyway, there are lots of great deals to be had with the CPD programming, so it is worth it to take the time to get registered.
  • My little guy Colin could use a some more excitement in his life so I am going to be signing him up for a music class with Marsha’s Music Together. My eight-month-old niece is enrolled now and she’s given the program rave reviews so now of course Colin wants in too! Sign up for new families begins on December 1st. Marsha’s Music Together is offering free demo classes at all of their locations from December 11th-15th. The new session begins on January 8th (Colin has his maracas and crazy dancing skills all ready to go). 
  • My aspiring tap dancer is looking forward to another session at ARCC (Art Reaching the Children of Chicago) in Bucktown. 
  • Brendan the baseball enthusiast is in for another session of his beloved Lil’ Sluggers Program (I’ve got to get going on this before the Windy City Field House location fills up!).

That should keep me pretty busy in my spare time this week. What about you? What winter programs and activities are you signing your kiddos up for this year? I’d love for you to share your suggestions in the comments.

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