Mamaloot partners with the Greater Chicago Food Depository for the holiday season (and continues to bring you amazing deals on the stuff you buy for your family)


There is a ton of shopping to be done this time of year (even if you are trying to keep things simple). I greet this annual holiday spend-a-thon with a mix of excitement and revulsion.

On the one hand, I want to give thoughtful gifts to the people I love. I also want to show my appreciation for all of the people who make my day-to-day life easier (like teachers, my babysitters, etc.). But I also loathe all of the “get this deal NOW” marketing messages that inundate us from now until the post-holiday sales end in January.

It can just be tiresome.

I am happy to tell you that Mamaloot, one of my favorite locally-mama-owned businesses, is getting it right this holiday season. Mamaloot is a daily deal site offering great discounts on the types of things that Chicago families need — like music classes, baby gear, house cleaning,etc. This site simply saves me money on the things that I am buying for my family anyway.

The ladies behind Mamaloot also understand the importance of community and
charity at this time of year (because they are real, actual people who
care about more than just growing their business). So from now through
December 24, 2010, Mamaloot will donate 3% of their sales revenue to The Greater Chicago Food Depository.

When you make a holiday purchase from Mamaloot, you can feel good about the money you are
saving AND the money that is going straight to the Greater Chicago Food
Depository. All without that yucky holiday “buy! buy! buy!” feeling.

You can even do a little bit of holiday shopping today with this amazing deal from Mamaloot — $50 off at Galt Toys + Galt Baby
(another of my favorite local haunts). This is a pretty great offer. You’ll
be able to find lots of well-designed and functional things for the
babies and little ones on your holiday list. Check out all of the details of this deal here. Happy shopping.

Disclosure: I work with Mamaloot to help spread the word about their great deals and I am compensated for doing so. 

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