Guest Post: Konow's Corn Maze


Ford’s son kicking it in the corn pit at Konow’s Corn Maze.

Today, I am pleased to welcome my blogging buddy Shannon Ford to Wee Windy City. When Shannon emailed me last week to tell me why she thought Konow’s Corn Maze was an excellent destination for Chicago families, she made my day.

That is exactly the sort of thing that I hoped would happen when I started this blog.I imagined that I would write about the great family-friendly activities and events that I knew about — and then readers would jump in in share their favorite spots. When Shannon reached out to tell me about Konow’s Corn Maze, I immediately asked her to write a guest post (as you’ll see, she is a witty and talented writer).

Ford is a stay-at-home mom living in the south Chicago suburbs with her
husband, preschool-aged son, and a very large cat.
Read on to see why Shannon and her family love Konow’s Corn Maze. And then you can click over and read more of Shannon’s writing on her blog, Same Old Shannon.

weekends and the skirts currently being marketed to tweens, fall in
Chicago is just too short.  Tom Skilling will tell you that meteorological fall
is three months long, but most fall attractions in Chicagoland only
stay open until Halloween.  That means you have just three more weekends
to make fall memories with your family at these attractions.  Time is
fleeting, and you must choose your destinations wisely. 

But where to go for that perfect fall experience?  The answer is Konow’s Corn Maze
in southwest suburban Homer Glen.  Let me pause and note that I am not
sponsored by or affiliated with Konow’s in any way.  I’m just a random
suburban mom who went to Konow’s  and thought it was so cool that I
wanted to do a little advertising for it.

doesn’t matter where you live, because Homer Glen is very
centrally-located. You can get there in 45 minutes from downtown
Chicago, 35 minutes from the Naperville area, 45 minutes from the north
side of the city, and 30 minutes from the south suburbs.  It is
conveniently located off of I-80 and I-355.  

sets Konow’s apart from the other fall attractions is the variety of
unique activities that you won’t see everywhere else.  There’s the
eponymous corn maze. There are actually two corn mazes, one for kids
and one for adults.

if corn mazes aren’t really your thing, there is much, much more to do.
 Younger children can ride John Deere tricycles on the Trike Track, or
(and this is big) climb on some antique tractors sitting in the middle
of the track. 

For your jumping-based entertainment, there’s a bouncy
castle and an inflatable jumping pillow.  (And the pillow is fun for all
ages, at least if the jubilant eighth graders I observed on a field
trip are any evidence.)  

are three rides: a Moo-Choo Train for the young kids, a bigger train
for all ages, and a fairly long hayride.  And there’s a small petting
zoo where a dozen nursing piglets are the star attraction.  (If you’ve
ever nursed one baby, you will feel pretty sorry for this sow with
twelve babies fighting over her teats.)  There are a variety of pumpkins
for sale that range from the standard to the hideously warty, and there
are cute pumpkin displays in front of which you can take that perfect
fall photo.  (I’ll admit, as a parent, the opportunity for a cute photo
is a very important feature in an attraction.)  

even better than the photo ops was the corn pit.  Konow’s has a large
corn pit, measuring approximately 15 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 3 feet
deep, filled with corn kernels.  It’s like a huge sandbox, only way, way
more fun.  And here’s a tip: Find an excuse to throw off your shoes and
jump in that pit yourself.  It’s very therapeutic.  

three-year-old son’s favorite part of Konow’s was the straw playground.
 It’s a tent filled with bales of straw that are stacked up and
arranged to form steps, tunnels, and slides.  Kids of all ages seemed to
be spending a lot of time in this place.

Konow’s is inexpensive.  It’s $8 per person to enter ($7 with this $1-off
and that pays for everything in the park.  As a parent, I appreciate a
place where I’m not being asked to plunk down additional money for every
single activity; that’s just a parenting moment I don’t need.  There is
no obnoxious gift shop at the end, either.  They do sell some pumpkins
and other fall decorations, but I found them to be very

if you’re looking for a non-scary, not-too-commercialized, and
genuinely unique fall experience, head down to Konow’s in Homer Glen!  

Do you have a great event or activity that you want to tell other Chicago families about? Email me if you’d be interested in writing a guest post on Wee Windy City.  

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