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Savvy Savings and Scholarships launches in Chicago

Hey, parents of preschool aged kids . . . I want to talk to you about something for a just a second. Have you heard of  the Savvy Source website? This site is an excellent resource for parents of preschool-aged kids (and I say that because I truly mean it, not just because I used... Read more »

Date Night: Chicago Shakespeare Theater presents Romeo and Juliet

On Sunday night, I headed out for a much-need date night and break from my day-to-day mommy gig. Except this time, my date wasn’t my husband  — he stayed at home to do dinner, baths, and bedtime. Love that guy. Meanwhile, I hit the town with my Mom. Date nights with your mom (or substitute... Read more »

A few words on pumpkins, apples, and why I haven't posted here in a week

Oh, hey there. Didn’t mean to step out on you for a whole week. Sorry about that! I partly “blame” my kids who seem to be continuously sick since school started back up. But I’ve also been super busy writing another blog here on ChicagoNow called School’s In! School’s In! is a blog all about... Read more »

Mexico: Festival of Toys opens at the Chicago Children's Museum

On Monday morning, Colin and I headed down to the Chicago Children’s Museum (one of our fave spots) to check out the brand new Mexico: Festival of Toys Exhibit. We both totally loved it. This museum-wide exhibit is the best one I’ve ever seen at the CCM. The exhibit is both interactive and educational. The... Read more »

Not-too-scary Halloween stories

Are you gearing up for Halloween at your house? Got the pumpkins? And the costumes? What about your Halloween reading? My kiddos love a good holiday-themed read (and I love the change of pace from our usual favorites). Here is a list of some of our favorite (but not-too-scary) Halloween reads. Pssst . . .... Read more »

Marsha's Music Together: A magical, musical experience for the whole family

Despite the fact that neither my husband or I have any musical talent to speak of, all three of our kids love music — each in their own way. Ellie is quite the dancer and she is quick to get moving when she hears any sort of music (the girl isn’t shy). Brendan likes to... Read more »

10 Totally Ridiculous Halloween Costumes for Kids

Do you have your kid’s Halloween costumes all set and ready to go? My little ones have just now stopped changing their minds and settled on their final costume choices: a monkey, a bat, and Little Red Riding Hood. Pretty basic stuff. Not all kid’s Halloween costumes are so tame. Or appropriate. Or comprehensible. Some... Read more »

I wish I may . . . I wish I might . . . get a great deal on kid's craft classes at Wishcraft !

A special offer for Chicago readers brought to you by A Hen and Two (Now Three) Chicks and Self-Made Mom! We are always looking out for our readers, and we know our local friends cannot possibly miss a deal as good as this. What kiddie class isn’t made better with a friend? If you have... Read more »

Moms, meet Johnny Casserole

Casseroles are cool again — thanks to a guy named Johnny Casserole. I’m not talking about your mother’s mystery noodle concoction — I am talking about a freshly-made, delicious casserole delivered right to your door. Intrigued? Well, so was I. Since April, Johnny has been whipping up tasty casseroles (served with a side of sass)... Read more »

New at the Nature Museum: Nature's LunchBox

Next time you take the kiddos to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, you should definitely pack your lunches and take advantage of the new permanent exhibit called Nature’s LunchBox, sponsored by Dominick’s. This formerly bland and boring lunchroom space is now a vibrant, interactive learning space. Nature’s LunchBox illustrates the life cycle of food —... Read more »