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Summer in the City: Scenes from the Nature Boardwalk at the Lincoln Park Zoo

As a fairly regular visitor to the Lincoln Park Zoo, I’ve been eagerly watching the construction of the new Nature Boardwalk and revitalization of the South Pond. In fact, I was so interested in this project that I wrote a story about it for the June issue of Mindful Metropolis Magazine. The Nature Boardwalk opened... Read more »

More Summer Links

Still having a great summer? Are the kids getting bored yet? Starting to run out of fun things to do in Chicago? {Is that even possible?} Never fear! I have more ideas for you. How about a free family fishing experience? Or kayaking down the Chicago River with your kiddos (how cool is this?). And check... Read more »

Cirque Shanghai: Cloud 9

If you are looking for a summer family outing that will absolutely thrill your kiddos while also keeping mom and dad entertained, you should check out “Cirque Shanghai: Cloud 9” at Chicago’s Navy Pier. Trust me when I say that you will all be amazed by every single theatrical and acrobatic feat performed during the... Read more »

School Supply Drives

Can you believe that I am talking about back-to-school shopping on a this beautiful and balmy July day? Summer is still in full swing but I bet that you are starting to receive correspondence from your child’s school about the upcoming year too, right? It is time to start thinking about heading back to school... Read more »

Guest Post from a Chicago Daddy Blogger (yes, they exist)

For the past few months, I’ve been wondering where all of the Chicago-area daddy bloggers are. There have to be some dads out there who are writing about their parenting experiences, right? Alan and his son Jack. Well, these elusive online dads aren’t easy to come by, but I found one. His name is Alan... Read more »

Guest Post: Yes, You Can!

Guest Post: Yes, You Can!
A happy fruit-picker hard at work. Fruit season is upon us in the Midwest! I don’t know about you, but we are trying to take full advantage of all the delicious foods that summer has to offer. To that end, I am excited to welcome Emily Paster. A fellow Chicago-area mama and blogger, Emily is... Read more »