Don't Forget about the Kids and Kites Festival this Saturday

October 2008 032.jpg

A few weeks ago, I posted about Mayor Daley’s Kids’ and Kites Festival and why I thought that it was the best, free family event of the whole year for us Chicagoans. I just wanted to remind you that the festival is coming up this Saturday. You are planning on going, right?

When we’ve attended in the past, kids have been able to decorate and assemble their own kites, work with on-site professionals to get their creations in the air, and take advantage of lots of other free activities including arts and crafts and story times. My kids absolutely loved the experience and they are looking forward to this year’s event.

In case you need a bit more convincing, here are some pictures of my little kite enthusiasts having a blast at the kite festival in the fall of 2008. See you there on Saturday (barring torrential rains, of course)?

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