5 free things to do with your kids over spring break

Spring break is nearly upon us. Are you headed off to Aspen for an alpine adventure? Or maybe flying down to Fort Myers for some fun in the sun?

Me neither.

My kids are going to be out of school for 11 days. But I am not worried because I’ve been planning. I’ve scouted out some free (or nearly free) activities to help us pass the time.


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  • As a Chicago native now living in New York City, I must say I really miss taking my kids out in the windy city. New York is nice but just not the same, there was always so much to do for children in Chicago especially in the summertime from children's museums to different shows, I really miss it

  • Useful post; thanks! This entry is on today's "Hot on ChicagoNow:"

  • Very nice. Thanks for this. It's going on my facebook page! :)

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