Guest post: Is your child's school making the grade?

Periodically, Wee Windy City features a guest post from another parent or organization that has an interesting perspective to share on raising kids in Chicago. Today’s guest post
was written by The Illinois Parent Information Resource Center, an
initiative of the Center for Community Arts Partnerships (CCAP) at
Columbia College Chicago. It is funded by the United States Department
of Education and supports school improvement through parent
engagement. Working with partners statewide, Illinois PIRC uses an
arts-based, intergenerational, community-centered approach to parent
involvement that meets the educational needs of children and parents. Watch their video or visit their website to learn more.

As a parent, you have the right to know how well your child is doing in school.  That’s why you receive periodic report cards.
But did you realize that you have a right to know how well your child’s school is doing, too?

report cards are an important way for you to find out about the
performance of your child’s school and your child’s overall
performance.  They include data on every school in Illinois and compare
the performance of your child’s school with others in your district.  

Here are 7 things that school report cards will include:
•    Overall student performance on tests;
•    A comparison of student performance and the state’s goals for yearly progress;
•    The percentage of students not tested;
•    Student graduation and dropout rates;
•    Teacher qualifications;
 Which school districts are making AYP (annual yearly progress) and
which schools have been identified as needing improvement; and
•    How test results for your child’s school compare with those of other district schools and the state.

To access your child’s school report card in Illinois, click here.

more information, you can order A Parent’s Handbook: Understanding the
No Child Left Behind Act (Channing Bete Company, Inc., 2006) free of
charge from Illinois PIRC.


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  • You don't have to wait until report card day to find out how your kid is doing in school. CPS has parent connect that allows you to see your kid's progress everyday. You don't need that either. If you're a responsible parent and you get involved at your child's school, look over their work everyday, talk to your children, and make yourself known to their teacher's, you'll already know how your kid is doing. No matter how crappy a school is, like everything else in this world, it works if you work it. Good schools are made up of three ingredients: Qualified teachers,goal focused students, and involved parents.Not money and not computers. We're too quick to blame teachers and money when most of the issues in schools lead back to the lack of involvement from parents. They need a Parent report card. To force parents to be involved in their children's education and well being. That's the key to solving the issues with kids, gangs, violence, etc. It's not the police, its not the government, its not money, its the parents.

  • Many parents expect teachers to report to them every time their children do poorly on a test, et cetera. These days, the teacher to student ratio grows higher. I know some teachers who have more than 20 students in a single class. Mind you, the teachers have other classes as well. With so many students, it's difficult for teachers to keep track of them all.

    So, parents need to be proactive in their children's education. They shouldn't wait until the report card arrives.

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