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The American Girl Empire goes too far with its homeless doll

The wildly popular and outrageously pricey American Girl Store recently released a new doll. Her name is Gwen Thompson and she is homeless. According to her back story, her dad took off on the family, mom fell on hard times and now she sleeps in her car. For $95 (not including any accessories), you can... Read more »

Blogging Blogapalooza (last post about this I swear)

I’ll tell you what — Blogapalooza was a pretty good time. We had princesses filling their goodie bags with treasure, pirates in search of cookies from Potbelly’s, and some really creative face painting. Plus, I gave away free passes to Day Frog. Thanks so much to all of the participating stores (Oilily, Mini Me, Preggers,... Read more »

Live blogging from Blogapalooza!

Sheri paining Brendan’s face Aye Matey! We have face painting, cookies and really great prizes from all of the participating stores. So much fun. Come on out. I’l be here until 7:00 tonight.

Eat Dinner as a Family

“I’m starving over here Mom. Is dinner ready yet?” You should eat dinner with your kids. Funny how something that sounds so simple and sensible can be so hard to do in real life. Dinner time is a struggle for all families (at least all of the families that I know). Between busy schedules and... Read more »

Blogapalooza Q & A

Blogapalooza is coming up in just two days. I’m getting pretty excited about the whole thing. Just to recap, Blogapalooza is an event taking place on Thursday, September 24 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at the 900 N. Michigan Shops. I am going to be the featured blogger in the Kid’s Korner. I’ve received a... Read more »

Can your family live without television this week?

Today begins TV Turnoff Week. The idea is to keep your television off through Saturday. Do you think you could do it? Do you even want to live a life that doesn’t include morning cartoons and evening news? And what about the Bear’s game this afternoon? Will the kids be whining for Dora and Elmo?... Read more »

The Wee Weekender for September 18-20

Photo by Caitlin Murray Giles Looks like it is going to be a beautiful fall weekend — spend it outside if you can. If you are looking for something to do, check out one of these events.9th Annual County Fair at Garfield Park Conservatory. This is a chance to experience a county fair atmosphere right... Read more »

Bring your Babes to Blogapalooza

On Thursday, September 24, ChicagoNow and the 900 North Michigan Shops are joining together for an event called Blogapalooza. Bloga what? Why is she telling me this? What is she talking about? Must be some geeky blogger version of Lollapalooza. This doesn’t sound family-friendly. I came to this blog to find out about the best... Read more »

Would the 2016 Olympics be good for all Chicago kids?

I back the bid — somewhat reluctantly. I know this is not a popular position. Nearly everyone in Chicago seems to enthusiastically and blindly support the effort to bring the 2016 Olympic games to our city. When I’ve expressed anything less than whole-hearted support for the Olympic bid, I’ve been accused of being a everything... Read more »

Five Family Activities for Fall

Ahh . . . fall in Chicago. Not as good as summer in Chicago, but still pretty darn good. And there is so much good stuff to do — indoors and out. Here are my 5 picks for the activities and events your family won’t want to miss this season. 1. Get your pumpkin from... Read more »