Is BlogHer mostly a networking event for mommybloggers?



I am attending BlogHer ’09 tomorrow. As a first-timer, I am not quite sure what to expect — and I wrote about that here on Wee Windy City a few days ago.

As I review the agenda and speakers in preparation for tomorrow, I can’t help but think that this experience doesn’t really seem to be about all women who blog.

This looks like a networking event to me — specifically a mommy networking event.

Don’t get me wrong — I am a mommy blogger looking to network so I can find lots to do tomorrow.

I might start out at the Mommyblogging: Have You Found Your Mommyblogging Tribe? break-out session. At lunch, I will probably hang out with the hundreds of mommybloggers there. My afternoon will likely consist of more mommyblogging break-out sessions (or I might break away from the pack to learn more about editing HTML).

And of course, I am going for the networking like everyone else.

But if I was a health blogger or a transgendered blogger or a food blogger, I am not so sure that the schedule is packed with compelling sessions or opportunities. On the Day One Schedule, I see a token session for people who blog about their illness, one session for queer bloggers, and one or two workshops focused on the business side of blogging and building traffic. Day Two offers one token session for bloggers of color and another for food bloggers.

If you are feeling confused about what type of blogger you are, you should definitely plan to attend Lifeblogging Outside the Lines: When You’re Not a Geek, Political Wonk or Mommy Blogger.

Of course, some of the sessions seem to apply to everyone. For example, all bloggers are likely interested in the GeekLab sessions about technical blogging skills and using social media. 

But a whole lot of what I see on the agenda is geared towards mommybloggers. Basically, if you aren’t a mommyblogger, there seems to be one session specifically designed for your area of interest. Meanwhile, the mommybloggers have a mommyblogging option for each time slot.

Am I right about this heavily-mommy agenda or is that just what I see because, after all, I am a mommyblogger?
I’m wondering what all of the non-mommyblogging BlogHer attendees think. What’s in this for you? And past BlogHer attendees, I want to know what you think too. Do you walk out of this conference with information on how to be a better blogger? Or is it mostly about meeting interesting people at the cocktail parties (because there is certainly nothing wrong with that)?

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  • Honestly? Yes. I'm a food blogger, and even the food blogging session is mostly run by bloggers whose food is geared towards families. I'm a restaurant blogger, primarily, with some cooking content, but I think it will be tough to get a lot of information I can use in this session. I'm also unmarried and have no kids. It really does feel like a Mom conference, and less like a woman's conference. Everyone insists it isn't, but so far-- I'm not convinced. I know moms make a big portion of their demographic, but even mom bloggers can blog about things that aren't strictly for "moms"-- can't that be incorporated?

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