The term Waterdog Journal has existed for over 10 years. It's taken on a variety of meanings depending on whatever I felt like doing at the time.

I've had www.waterdogjournal.com up and running for a few years now. In October of 2010 I started the original blog by that name.

I'm going to keep that blog up and running in conjunction with the version running on ChicagoNow. There may be some overlap between the two as I move some posts from there to here, so those that have been following me for the past few months may experience some deja vu. Once in place, Waterdog Journal on ChicagoNow will be THE place to come for my outdoor info and stories. But I have 13 years of information wandering around the internet, sometimes it will just be easier on me to link to something old rather than completely redo it.

The original blog will be where I get to go off on my many tangents that have nothing to do with the outdoors, which is considerable at times. I have my doubts that many reading Waterdog Journal here on ChicagoNow care about writing tips to other outdoor bloggers. Or a writing contest to win a pair of windproof fingerless gloves. Or my own economic doom theory. Or how ancient aliens will be back in 2012 to start all over with the mistake they made. I may let the original evolve into something totally different. We'll see how that goes.

In your spare time, check it out if you'd like.