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A Weekend of Fishing, for the Most Part

Since June 21st we’ve been losing about a minute a day of sunlight. Luckily it seems to be evenly split up between the sunrise and the sunset. Either way I’m losing a little bit of my sunset fishing every day. This is exacerbated by a relatively new 50 mile one way commute from work. Ninety... Read more »

The Summer Solstice Tried to Kill Me - Part Three -The End

…The island was covered in trees and the grass was over 3 feet tall. I tried moving through the grass fast only to start tripping on all the logs and stumps all over the ground that I couldn’t see. I had no choice but to slow down and pick my way through the woods. Lightning... Read more »

The Summer Solstice Tried to Kill Me - Part Two

…All week the weather forecast was beginning to sound a lot like The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Every day there had been a call for severe storms. Damaging winds, torrential rains and large hail were supposed to be rolling through ever day. It never happened. I assumed the day of the solstice would be no... Read more »

The Summer Solstice Tried to Kill Me - Part One

To be fair to Mother Nature, she doesn’t care if we live or die. We’re not even a blip on her radar, just another organism on her planet. She goes about doing what she’s been doing every day for the past few billion years, or, if you’re a creationist, the past few thousand years. Either... Read more »