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Fish the Fox, it's what I do.

And for the past 3 days I’ve been doing it fairly well. Clients continue to blow deadlines, which leaves me with nothing to do. That’s a good thing. This time of year I feel an almost desperate need to be outside. The short days and low angle of the sun triggers everything to start dying... Read more »

Music to Fish By

When I read about fishing I tend to read about trout fishing, even though there are no trout streams in Illinois and I don’t fish for trout. The words of the trout writer/angler immerse me into their world. Mesmerizing descriptions of the surroundings of where trout live, whether a lake or small stream, paint wonderful... Read more »

A Weekend of Fishing, for the Most Part

Since June 21st we’ve been losing about a minute a day of sunlight. Luckily it seems to be evenly split up between the sunrise and the sunset. Either way I’m losing a little bit of my sunset fishing every day. This is exacerbated by a relatively new 50 mile one way commute from work. Ninety... Read more »

A Strange Year for Berries, Bugs and Other Things

This past spring was cold and wet and my wife and I noticed that this delayed everything in the woods, fields and waters by at least 2 weeks. Plants and flowers that normally bloom by certain days, didn’t show up or bloom till weeks later. Birds, bugs and animals are still behaving oddly this third... Read more »

Closer to the City, They'd try to Kill Them Off

There’s a massive bug hatch drifting around my neighborhood this morning. The morning sun streaks right down the middle of the street in front of my house and the bugs are lit up in gold. The birds are going nuts and flying erratically, not knowing which way to go to suck down more bugs for... Read more »