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Just About Harvest Time

Just About Harvest Time
It’s just about harvest time in the corn and bean fields a little west of me. The sun lowers in the southern sky and the days get shorter. Harvest time comes quickly and sometimes dramatically when this starts to happen near the end of August. We suddenly go from the dark, lush greens of summer... Read more »

Why I Quit Fishing

Why I Quit Fishing
There are a few reasons why I quit fishing, but the main reason is pictured above. My favorite time of the day to go out fishing was always the last three hours of the day. Sunsets seem to last longer. Now I still go out for the last three hours of the day, but with... Read more »

Some things by Bob Long, Jr. to go read in your spare time

Bob Long, Jr. has been a busy boy this week, putting up a few things well worth perusing. I’ve even fallen behind. Something to do on my lunch break on Monday. Bob Long, Jr. on Flickr ___

It Smells.....Wonderful

Unless you’re standing talking to him, standing directly in front of him while he talks, you’ll never really know how wonderful this thing Bob Long, Jr. speaks of, smells. His voice will swoon slightly. His head will tilt a bit to the right. His hands will float up slightly as if filled with helium. And... Read more »

If you haven't been reading and viewing Bob Long, Jr., you should be

I’m in lazy mode. Going around reading and looking at things. My friend Bob is one of the ones where I spend a fair amount of time. You gotcher pictures, ya got some of dem dere words and you gots music. What else is there except touch? So go look. Start at the top and... Read more »

The river had been looking good…

I was able to get out fishing on Friday and at 6:30 PM I found myself wading the Fox River in North Aurora. The last few hours of the day are my favorite time to be in the water. If I fished till dark, I would have over two hours of fishing under my belt.... Read more »

The Walleye Ate all of the Smallmouth

My first 3 years of college were spent studying architecture. At the end of the third year I decided I had enough. For the next 3 years I went to DePaul and wound up getting a degree in fine art, painting and sculpture. I had pretty much fulfilled all of my prerequisite classes the first... Read more »

Welcome to Waterdog Journal

This is supposed to be my first post as a new Outdoor Blogger on ChicagoNow. I was allowed in at the end of May, but the New and Improved ChicagoNow was already under construction, so I’ve had to patiently wait till construction was done. If you take a look at the sidebar off to the... Read more »

It's Lunch Time My Friend

A long time ago I worked as a janitor, second shift, in Sears Tower. 90 percent of the janitors were Polish. Lunch time would come around. You have to imagine saying this with a heavy Polish accent. Eets Loonch Thyme My Frrrrend. We roll our R’s. I wander around the internet and read a lot... Read more »