WGN, Greg Jarrett and The Hometown Voices Tour coming to Yorkville

I already know that most people, after reading that headline, have a blank look on their face as they try to process where Yorkville is located. I get that look all the time when I tell people I live in Yorkville.

I sigh. You know where Aurora is?

Oh sure.

Well, Yorkville is about 14 miles southwest of Aurora.


This coming Friday, November 18, the WGN Hometown Voices Tour hosted by Greg Jarrett will be coming to Yorkville and broadcasting from the Cobblestone Bakery and Bistro. The show starts at 5 a.m. and runs to 8:30 a.m. Click on the following link for the details.

WGN Hometown Voices Tour – Yorkville

My internal alarm clock wakes me up every morning at 5 a.m. Since I’m not working this week and the Cobblestone Bakery and Bistro is a two minute walk from my house, I may have to wander down there to get a cup of coffee, or three, and watch how they do the show for a little while.

I’ve heard Greg’s show enough times to know that he likes to go fishing. Since we’ll be a stones throw from the Fox River, maybe that topic will come up. Maybe I’ll offer to show him a few spots on the Fox next year, I think I know a few.

Either way, should be fun. Something to do other than poking my wife in the ribs at 5 a.m. just to see what happens.

One benefit that might come out of this Hometown Voices Tour is that from now on, when I tell people I live in Yorkville, maybe I’ll get fewer of those blank looks.

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