Was a Perfect Day for a Squirrel Hunt

There was a sky blue sky.

Virtually no wind.

No leaves on the trees.

The woods on the edges of my neighborhood, just a hundred feet or so away, were crawling with squirrels. I counted nine scampering about while hanging out front enjoying a slow smoke of a cheap cigar.

But those are pets, we don’t shoot our pets.

Or so I’m told/warned.

There was only one problem.

I’m an idiot. Why was described elsewhere, but bears repeating here:

I totally screwed myself this time. Something happened a few years ago when I shut down my canoe shop and got divorced at the same time. I took on a real “don’t give a shit” attitude that I’ve probably let go too far. On 90 percent of what makes up our daily lives, it applies and can be applied liberally. Go ahead, try it. Start telling me about banks, the recession, occupy anything, Republicans, Democrats, religion, anything to do with sports, Greece, the Euro, Israel, Iran, China, trade, manufacturing decline in the U.S., 30 percent of kids don’t graduate from high school and on and on and on. Don’t give a shit, really.

But when it comes to not taking the time to change the address on your FOID card, then not getting the renewal notice in the mail resulting in the expiration of said FOID card right at the beginning of hunting season, then a rethinking of that “don’t give a shit” attitude may be in order.

One must have priorities.

I am now at the mercy of the state police. Hopefully they’ll get that FOID card back to me in the stated 30 days.

I might be able to squeeze in a hunt or two if that happens.

I was told I don’t need a FOID card to hunt squirrels with bow and arrow.

I practiced a bit out in the yard on a squirrel sized target.

Yeah, okay, that’ll work.

Now if I can find squirrels the size of deer, I got it made.

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