The Last of the Turkey, for now...

I have one last bag full of turkey parts, just the meat to be exact. Just the dark meat to narrow it down even more. No matter how it’s injected, marinated, kept moist while cooking, when all is said and done the white meat is pretty much tasteless.

I tend to give that away.

For the last of the turkey left lying around I was going to do a turkey, pasta, garlic combination.

Throw in some oregano, some parsley, whatever else I have in the cabinet that sounds good.

Possibly some sun dried tomatoes.

A fair amount of parmesan cheese and lots of olive oil.

I actually have a few fresh tomatoes left from the garden. Picked all the green ones back in October before the first frost, kept them in a relatively dark place and here it is almost December and I still get to have one with dinner now and then.

That would be good with this one.

And some good bread. Something to sop up all the stuff on the bottom of the plate when I’m close to cleaning it off.

But then, a recipe showed up on a blog I like, using the last of his turkey parts. As he says…

My name is Chris Beckstrom. I am a musician, fisherman, home cook, beer enthusiast, and lover of Mexican food.

He put up a pretty nice turkey recipe on his CB Fishes site:

Turkey Chipotle Tortilla Soup

The problem is, I don’t have enough of those ingredients lying around the house and I’m too lazy to head out the door to get them.

There’s always the Christmas turkey. That’s not far away.

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